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Get five bucks just for trying this cool new app that is quicker and better than PayPal!

There is a new payment app that I am excited to tell everybody about!

It’s similar to PayPal, but it is quicker and better. You can use it to send or receive money to other people instantly, you can link multiple credit/debit cards and bank accounts to it, you can buy and sell Bitcoin with it, and you can transfer available cash funds to your bank account quicker than you can with PayPal. No more waiting several days to transfer and withdraw your cash!

What’s even better about this app is that you can get $5 for FREE* just trying the app or by referring other people to try the app.

*To receive the free $5 bonus, you must link a credit/debit card or a bank account and you must try the app by using it to send at least $5.

…But wait…

If you use my referral code and send $5 to me, I will send you $5 back, and you will receive $5 extra (that is FREE for you to keep) as a bonus for trying the app!


I received $10 just on the first day of signing up and using the app!

Whenever you refer somebody else, you and them BOTH receive $5 once they use the app to send money. So not only do you get free money, but you can help other people get free money too!

The more people your give you referral code to, the more potential you have to get multiple five dollar bonuses and help other people get five dollar bonuses too!

It’s soooooo easy to do this. It’s like money for nothin’!


Just follow these steps to get started.


  1. Use this link to download the app to your phone:

  2. Contact me on Twitter (@joshdude83) or Facebook ( or e-mail me after you install the app.

  3. Make sure to contact me if you want to get your free five bucks!